GRIM ESSENCES is the newest comic from MURK, the author-artist resonpsible for a.o. soft-adventure comic MOUSE en pixel strip MARK. While Murk normally sticks to drawing with real paper and real pencils, the lure of clean, digital art was too strong to resist. Armed with a borrowed tablet, he set out to enrich the world with a whole-new, digital comic - only to find out how immensely hard digital drawing is. To cope, Murk developed a new art style that was better suited to his own lack of skills: scribble art! The rules to Scribble Art are simple: no erasers, no shades, no colors, no effects or dynamics, no sketches, no layers, no try-outs, but a whole lot of ctrl-z and self forgiveness. And so GRIM ESSENCES came to be, a story about silly people in a gloomy setting: a world bound by Plato-esque rules of perception, where wizards roam free, Gods are servants of mankind, and being a plunderer is a valid career choice. Amidst dangers and mysteries of dubious credibility, heroes and villains alike struggle to shape the world to their liking. Get ready to suspend all your disbelief: GRIM ESSENCES will bring you to new heights of excitement, friendship, sadness, shock, wisdom, and sillyness. Have fun, and thanks for reading!

New chapter every sunday (sort of).